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Nautilus Shell Helix Exchange is a new and improved decentralized system with unique features. This platform strives to have a high level of redundacy and security features present at all times. Such as the fact that our servers are distributed strategically around the world to enforce security and reliability. NSHE is built on proffesional grade software to ensure our servers are running with upmost performance and efficiency.

Fast hi-grade Support

Our basic Service Level Agreement starts from 4 hours given a usual load timeshift. Our platform will provide support to users in English and in Russian. We also provide support to our customers for KYC questions in both languages, which does not require any Identification to be translated in English.

Fast engine, stable backend

Our exchange is guaranteed to work fast and stable consistently, as all of the critical resources are clusterized which in turn provides extremely high access speeds. All of our services will be distributed among a vast array of countries to ensure low-latency transactions.

What we offer

Our Awesome Services

01. Trading engine

Trade your desired coins at any time. We will continuously be adding interesting and new products to our Exchange and notify you about new listed coins.

02. ERC20 token trade

Any ERC20 token can be listed on NSHE. Trade it simply and quickly. Listing requests should be applied in the usual way or contact us.

03. Coin SWAP

We are looking forward to offer our clients the possibility of coin swaps in Q4 2018 - Q1 2019.


Active traders are supported as soon as possible


Total Countries accepted


Trade in pairs on launch


Free listings arrangements

Professional Solutions to getting listed on NSHE

If your project is relatively new, but requires to be listed to boost your projects success, but have no serious investors at the time? - we can provide you alternative solutions to getting listed on NSHE. Nautilus Shell Helix Coin (NSHE) - fast and secure cryptocurrency. Being based on lyra2z algorithm, it provides guaranteed security against mining with ASIC's devices. It's a powerful alogirthm which can be mined with all GPU's available on the current market. More information about NSHC will be provided in the table below:

Name & ticker:Nautilus Shell Helix Coin (NSHC)
Consensus algorithm:PoW
POW phase duration:Inifnite
PoW block reward:10 NSHC (from 500 block )
Instamine protection:n/a
Hashing algorithm:lyra2z
Masternode collateral:10 000 NSHC
Masternode block reward:Block 5000 - 35 000: 25%
Block 35 001 - 50 000: 27,5%
Block 50 001 - 75 000: 29%
Block 75 000 - : 32%
Total supply:Infinite
Premine:1 000 000 NSHC
Blocksize:1 MB
Blocktime average:2 min (DGW3)
Number of transaction

White Paper v.1.0

Roadmap 2018


What People Say ?

Drop us an Email at and please feel free to provide us with any feedback you may have .

Lot's of such project's were started last year. Not many of them working serious to delivery service to client. Service fast, user friendly. Add withdraw/deposit in USD and you'll become awesome.

Michael Kitsh - customer

We ask NSHE about to proceed our coin swap. They dissapproved our request. In the same time they provided detailed task list what we have to fix to proceed swap. Will come back after finish fixes.

John Doe - Coin developer

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We are always looking for new activities and challenges. If you have any request to offer for us: please do not hesistate to fill out the contact form present and we will call you back shortly. If you are already a customer and have any technical questions or requests - contact us through Support system or find the required information in our Confluence.

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